Don’t be 35 still making preteen decisions. Episode 9 features Michael Unbroken who truly lives up to his last name. As an advocate for childhood trauma, Unbroken’s goal is to end generational trauma and he doesn’t care how he goes about. This is why we date the people we date, react the way we react, and even settle for things we don’t deserve. In a sense, he is a rebel with a cause. As a fellow podcaster and host of “Think Unbroken”, he reveals that everything he teaches is on his podcast and in his book. This episode highlights the dangerous chemicals in our foods that alter our decision making, the importance of living the life you want to live despite what others think, and how to become the hero of your own story.Michael Unbroken’s Social MediaInstagram: @michaelunbrokenTwitter: @thinkunbrokenFacebook: Michael Unbroken

A few years later, most of this rabble had lost whatever convictions drove their violence. Even deluded demagogues renounced their youthful dreams.

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